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Coated Pearl Cotton Bag - More Material Quality
Oct 11, 2017

Zhenzhu cotton bag is now in the courier industry is a very common kind of packaging materials, it is made of EPE material, it is also known as EPE bags, EPE pearl bags. Because pure pearl cotton is based on high-pressure low-density polyethylene as the main raw material, through the physical foam extrusion products, so it is indeed very easy to break itself, so we need to add a layer of pearl cotton PE film (or OPP film), used to increase its stretchability and tear resistance, but in general, coated pearl cotton bag is a very environmentally friendly, and the application of a very wide range of packaging materials.

The pearl cotton bag is a widely used packaging protection material, commonly used in electronic product packaging, postal delivery, precision equipment packaging, CD packaging, etc., but it also has a drawback that it is very easy to break, so we tend to add A layer of film, used to enhance its tensile properties and tear resistance.

Coated pearl cotton bag is in the surface of the EPE on the surface of a layer of PE film, or PO film, not only the bag looks beautiful and more durable. Coated EPE bag is made of high quality pearl cotton and PE film, the first is to use high-quality EPE (Lv) with laminating machine PE film hot pressing in the surface of Zhenzhu Mian, and then cut, the use of automatic bag Machine or semi-automatic bag making machine. By the way, we buy the phone is to use the film coated pearl cotton bag for packaging protection Oh!