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How To Improve The Toughness Of Plastic Woven Bags
Jun 07, 2017

Plastic woven bags manufacturers to improve the gloss of plastic woven bags, not only can increase his watch, but also can improve his aging resistance, improve his gloss first from the choice of raw materials, the best choice of melamine resin and ABS two raw material.

The second is the production process, he can use the method to add brightening, blending brightening method, shape control brightening method, molding equipment, finish control, secondary processing brightening method and surface coating brightening method. These can improve the gloss of the product, we call it brightening modification.

In addition to brightening modification, there are extinction modification, he is mainly to reduce the plastic woven bags surface gloss, this method manufacturers generally do not use, we only need to understand can.

The manufacturer's products are now widely used by people, and its use can provide people with a lot of convenience, but with the continuous progress of society, its use requirements are to the rapid improvement, so it requires to improve it The toughness of the following let us know about it!

Improve the toughness of this product is a lot of ways, in the production of time, whether it is in shape, quality or what it is used above, it is a great change, and now manufacturers in its production , It is mainly the use of the shape of the above mixed color flat woven woven woven bags look more and more elegant, and this also has a certain three-dimensional, and now this product it is not just used in food, food and other transportation, but also Put him in the shopping, shopping, is a very environmentally friendly products.

The surface tension of the woven bags depends on the size of the free surface of the woven bags, and the surface energy of the woven bags depends on the molecular structure of the woven bags material itself. The fabric of the woven bags is a non-polar polymer with a small surface free energy and a low surface wet tension. Polyester is a polar polymer, the surface free energy is high, but also on the BOPET film surface treatment, in order to further improve its surface wet tension. Weaving bags in the production process to remind you may need to according to their own needs to select the different surface tension of different materials woven bags.

In addition, the production of cutting bags in the production process is not allowed to appear scattered edge, the production process not only have their own printing standards, while taking into account the type of printing equipment, printing ink types and printing capacity. Woven bags tensile load is woven and warp and weft tension, the impact of woven bags tension load factor is the amount of calcium carbonate in the mixing process, the amount of calcium carbonate, woven bags feel will be hard, the pull will drop, Calcium carbonate added too little, woven bags feel will be soft, pull will increase.