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Lamination Bag Three Nature Classification Knowledge
Jul 20, 2017

Lamination Bag, refers to the needs of different packaging according to the characteristics of more than two or more materials, through the process of composite process. With a single layer of materials do not have the permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, anti-static, vacuum, oxygen and other physical packaging characteristics.

Press the Lamination Bag to find:

Food packaging bags, clothing bags, toys bags, cosmetic bags, pharmaceutical bags, electronic bags, anti-static bags, care supplies bags, gift bags and other gifts bags

According to the Lamination Bag material characteristics:

Lamination Bag, high temperature Lamination Bag, aluminum bags, aluminum bags, vacuum bags, anti-static bags, insulation, refrigerated bags, mouth bags, liquid bags and other Lamination Bag

According to the Lamination Bag Product bag type: