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Paper - Plastic Lamination Bag
Jun 30, 2017

Paper-plastic Lamination Bag is made of polypropylene woven cloth and all kinds of kraft paper by a variety of plastic substrate coating three-in-one composite fabric for the outer material can add a variety of kraft paper, plastic film, aluminum and other materials for the lining Made the type of bag. It has the characteristics of high strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance, cost and production efficiency. It can cooperate with Shanghai Huipeng color high-precision anti-counterfeiting printing effect is widely used in domestic packaging bag type.

In view of the influence of the peel force of the paper-plastic Lamination Bag on the product quality, the factors affecting the peeling force of the paper-plastic Lamination Bag are analyzed from the aspects of raw material and production technology. If the degree of oxidation of the resin is not enough, the coating resin is not suitable, And then pointed out that the effective way to improve the stripping force, that is, the resin is fully oxidized, the coating resin modified, woven and kraft paper corona treatment.

Process Description: The use of refined white kraft paper or kraft paper, which uses plastic woven cloth, through the high temperature and high pressure to melt the plastic particles PP, kraft paper and plastic woven cloth together. Paper-plastic Lamination Bag is equivalent to the bottom of the open pockets. With good strength, waterproof and other advantages of moisture.

 With the progress of society, the increasingly fierce competition, good products began to need us to make a big article in the packaging to attract customers' eyes. So the printing beautifully, to protect the safety of the Lamination Bag came in handy, and we need to understand the purchase of Lamination Bag before the understanding of some understanding.

First, to determine the size of the product ordered (total length + total width) refers to the expansion of specifications, single-sided thickness, the required printing method (printing color), if you do not know how the size, thickness, printing color, you can send samples To us, by my company in accordance with the sample to you offer.

Followed by distinguished guests, please understand the price of a sub-goods, the price down, there may be compressed profit margins, there may be compressed costs to provide a little more products.

Buyers and sellers are in accordance with the principle of fair trade, please have high expectations, hoping to purchase the lowest price to the highest quality packaging guests understand.