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Paper-plastic Lamination Bag Widely Used
Jun 19, 2017

In view of the influence of the peel force of the paper-plastic Lamination Bag on the product quality, the factors affecting the peeling force of the paper-plastic Lamination Bag are analyzed from the aspects of raw materials and production technology, such as the degree of oxidation of the resin is not enough, the coating resin is not suitable, And then pointed out that the effective way to improve the stripping force, that is, so that the resin is fully oxidized, the coating resin modified, woven cloth and kraft paper corona treatment.

Paper-plastic Lamination Bag widely used, a wide range, and now the production of packaging materials are mainly the following:

First, polyethylene (PE); PE is the world's largest production of synthetic resin, is the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials. The traditional plastic packaging PE material has been about to be eliminated, because it is really too much pollution. Polyethylene products are divided into low density, medium density and high density of three. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) has high crystallinity, its hardness, air tightness, mechanical strength, chemical resistance are good, high-pressure low-density polyethylene contains low molecular weight polyethylene, more soluble In the oil, so the packaging made of polyethylene, such as long-term consumption of edible oil, can be low-molecular-weight polyethylene dissolution, leaving the food and more food with Hala taste

Second, PVC (PVC): PVC can be divided into hard goods, soft products and paste products three categories. With the injection of blowing the PVC bottle production line, the thickness of the bottle wall evenly.

Third, polypropylene (PP): because of its high transparency, smooth, good processing, and other materials can be produced in a variety of beverage packaging containers.

Fourth, polyester (PET or PETP): the use of two-axis stretch blow molding PET bottles, with good transparency, high surface gloss, was glass-like appearance, PET is a common life in a resin, thermoplastic polyester , With excellent toughness, tensile, impact strength, wear resistance, electrical insulation. As a result of good toughness, light weight, airtight, acid and other characteristics, in recent years become soft drinks, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, etc.