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Talking About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Woven-paper Bag
Oct 11, 2017

Any kind of environmental protection bags have its advantages and disadvantages, as a part of the green bags of Woven-paper Bag is no exception, the following to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of film Woven-paper Bag. First to talk about the advantages of it

The coated nonwoven bag is a product developed from the original nonwoven bag which is bonded to the patterned film by a lamination process to form a composite nonwoven fabric. The original limitations of the ordinary screen printing process led to some color patterns can not be printed on the bag, and then cover the film to completely solve this problem. The film is first printed on the film, we all know that printed on the film we can color printing is like some of our products bags. Laminating Woven-paper Bag can be printed on any pattern and set the color and fine. Moreover, because the color printing is generally used in the Indian law, so the film is not a Woven-paper Bag of faded color of the situation, and finally this color printing speed is very fast as the screen printing affected by the weather, Cloth printing day can complete 50,000 bags of efficiency is very high.

Although the coated Woven-paper Bag has the above advantages but there are some drawbacks. First of all, the printing of Woven-paper Bag first to produce electric carved gravure This is not a small cost of less than two thousand of up to five or six thousand, it is because of this cost as some of the smaller orders can not be used Film process to print. Second, Woven-paper Bag of non-woven fabric materials are generally poor on the market and a lot of grades back to the proportion of material is more and more lead to non-woven toughness and tension have been greatly affected, and that is Non-woven fabric through the lamination process will make the original non-woven fabric to increase its hardness is more likely to lose the flexibility of the fabric itself by the tensile strength greatly reduced is extremely easy to tear. The last drawback is that the coated Woven-paper Bag is prone to wrinkle, from the Woven-paper Bag produced with some creases and wrinkles. Like folding style with the bottom without the need to roll the package style, we generally do not recommend the guests to do, because these models will increase the bag wrinkles and creases affect the bag factory beauty.