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The Heat Resistance Of Woven Bags
Jun 19, 2017

In order to improve the heat resistance of plastic woven bags, manufacturers generally in the general plastic woven bags to add calcium carbonate, heat resistance are improved.

Generally speaking in the polypropylene, add about 40% of calcium carbonate, heat resistance increased by about 200C. In the filling ratio ≤ 20%, the heat-resistant temperature increased 8 ~ 130C. The principle of composite woven bags is to resin in the molten state on the substrate woven cloth. Only the molten resin is applied to the woven fabric and cooled immediately to obtain a two-in-one woven fabric. If the composite resin film is sandwiched between the woven fabric and the paper or plastic film, then the mixture is cooled to obtain a three-in-one woven cloth.

You can also double-sided coated cloth, get coated tube cloth. After the coating of woven cloth can be printed, cut, stitched into a variety of bags, wide coated cloth can also be coiled as tarpaulin factory.

Woven bags production process will produce a lot of defective products, in order to reduce the defective and waste, first of all have to understand the defective products and waste which are the main reasons, I plant here for you a brief introduction.

When you adjust the membrane side, finish the cloth after the new cloth began to film. At this point, the barrel temperature, screw speed, extrusion pressure, cooling roller surface temperature has not yet reached full balance and stability. As the speed increases, the extrusion volume is gradually changing. The first volume of the film roll must have a small part of the coating is not strong enough. Due to changing film materials, for specifications, change paint ratio, climate change and so on. Regulation of temperature parameters in the process, will also cause the quality of coating fluctuations. Round woven lotus cloth, storage time for a long time Chen cloth, the substrate surface is not loose, flatness is too bad, a large extent also affect the quality of coating caused by defective.

Causes of waste: the coating process for some reason, then cloth, film, color film is not good. Tension controller failure, film side of the stick roller, membrane cut off the film, diaphragm split. As well as due to process results in the end of the finished product winding from the tendon. Or stripping, leakage coating. Or product specifications for the specifications, round woven fabric waste wire break the film, color film in the break joints. Printing film layout ink lines, etc., will cause woven bags waste.