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The Lamination Bag Needs To Be Understood Before Printing
Jul 11, 2017

With the progress of society, the increasingly fierce competition, good products began to need us to make a big article in the packaging to attract customers' eyes. So the printing beautifully, to protect the safety of the Lamination Bag came in handy, and we need to understand the purchase of Lamination Bag before the understanding of some understanding.

The knowledge Lamination Bag is summarized as follows:

First, to determine the size of the product ordered (total length + total width) refers to the expansion of specifications, single-sided thickness, the required printing method (printing color), if you do not know how the size, thickness, printing color, you can send samples To us, by my company in accordance with the sample to you offer.

Followed by distinguished guests, please understand the price of a sub-goods, the price down, there may be compressed profit margins, there may be compressed costs to provide a little more products.

Buyers and sellers are in accordance with the principle of fair trade, please have high expectations, hoping to purchase the lowest price to the highest quality packaging guests understand.

Finally, we hope to understand the provision of free general design services, (if the professional design requirements of complex designs, according to the actual situation at the discretion of the charges), you can also design your own design by mail or Want to send the file provided to us. (For proofing, need to pay in advance, "proofing fee", proofing fee for the sample fee + version fee; which fee can be returned according to follow-up cooperation as appropriate.)

As the packaging products are customized processing, so the price of online marked, specifications and other product information is for reference only, according to the specific needs of the guests specifications, quality, quantity and sample estimates to determine the price.