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What Are The Common Types Of Woven-paper Bag
Sep 25, 2017

Common Woven-paper Bag on the market are mainly hot-ink printing, advanced water-jet printing, high-elastic heat transfer printing, senior environmental mortar printing, mortar foam printing, and several other types.

Here we come to a brief introduction to the difference between these types of printing technology.

1, hot-solid ink printing, because the heat-solid ink for the non-solvent-based ink, can print fine lines, and the appearance of flat, fastness, with a dry version, odorless, high solid content, Can be printed, but also automatic machine printing and other advantages, and now this printing technology for T-shirts, Woven-paper Bag and other industries.

2, advanced water slurry printing, this printing technology and other printing technology, is the most traditional one printing technology. As the slurry is a bright color, only suitable for printing on the light of the fabric, the printing effect is relatively simple. But from the printing of the popular trend, it is because of its feel super soft, breathable, strong performance and much of the big designers favorite.

3, high-elastic heat transfer printing, which is a relatively new printing technology, thermal printing printing for cotton and non-woven printing, can greatly improve the level of environmentally friendly shopping bags. It has its unique mass production advantages, has now become a Woven-paper Bag manufacturers throughout the use of printing technology.

4, high-level environmental rubber mortar printing, the advantages of this printing technology mainly in the strong ability to cover the color, the appropriate printed lines clear, margin regular, overprint accurate fashion printing pictures, and more for high fashion, T-shirt printing , The most suitable for the fabric.

5, mortar foam printing, this printing technology is in the mortar to participate in foam information, after printing through high temperature ironing makes the printing parts of the emergence of three-dimensional sense of prominence. Because this printing technology in the use of the process is more complex, so only a small amount of Woven-paper Bag factory use this technology.