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What Is The Difference Between Pearl Cotton Bag And Foam Bags?
Jun 30, 2017

Zhenzhu cotton bag is a soft texture, a flexible package, can effectively prevent the collision of goods, vibration. Pearl cotton bag can be made into a variety of shapes, and pearl cotton bag with moisture-proof anti-corrosion, thermal lamp function, so there is a wide range of our lives.

Zhenzhu cotton bag is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials, it has a strong waterproof and dustproof dustproof shockproof function; sound insulation effect is good; plasticity, can be made of a variety of shapes; there is a strong toughness; Green environmental protection; strong impact resistance and corrosion performance. Zhenzhu Mianbao is an ideal alternative to traditional plastic packaging, can be recycled, easy to degrade when dealing with waste, combustion does not produce harm to the environment of the gas. Zhenzhu Mianbao with its characteristics advantages are widely used in a variety of sophisticated electronic instrumentation, medical equipment, lighting, handicrafts, glass, furniture, gift packaging and other items packaging. In addition, the pearl cotton bag are also used for a large number of bags of industrial production of noise insulation materials, sporting goods protection pads and other production. Zhenzhu Mianbao production costs are low, the technical content is not high, so suitable for large-scale small-scale production, which is widely used in pearl cotton bag is an important reason.

Pearl cotton bag and foam bags have a good impact resistance, heat insulation effect is good, there are anti-oxidation anti-static function. Pearl cotton bag and foam bags are a very good packaging materials, mainly used in electronic equipment, metal products, medical equipment, craft gifts, alcohol, instrumentation, lighting products, glass products and other fragile items packaging, Is a good shockproof moisture-proof dust-proof packaging materials. However, from the performance sometimes, the pearl cotton bag are better than the foam bags. Zhenzhu Mianbao to overcome the bubble bag fragile easy deformation defects, foam packaging bags after the recovery of poor performance, pearl cotton bag plasticity, timely deformation quickly returned to the initial state. Also, the foam bags are non-recyclable products, will cause white pollution, of course, this is the pearl cotton bag and all plastic bags common defects.