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Woven-paper Bag Have A Strong Advertising Effect
Oct 11, 2017

Now the Woven-paper Bag printing more and more beautiful, not just the use of the bag so simple. Its exquisite appearance of people put it down, but also the embodiment of fashionable shoulder bag, a beautiful street scenery. Woven-paper Bag of the use of a very wide range, in the supermarket on the street or at home everywhere in the wind, and Woven-paper Bag solid good, waterproof, easy to carry, so printed advertising Woven-paper Bag advertising and circulation The range is very large, other products can not match the effectiveness of advertising so choose Woven-paper Bag as your product promotion is the best carrier.

Many people in the procurement of Woven-paper Bag do not know what kind of specifications should be appropriate, often ask how the commonly used specifications.

Woven-paper Bag do not have a common or universal size, can only be said to be suitable for your size and size. The use of Woven-paper Bag is now the main product packaging, advertising, shopping bags and so on. Some of the product packaging Woven-paper Bag according to the size of your own products to determine the size of Woven-paper Bag that can not be too large nor too small to suit your product, the general advertising to promote Woven-paper Bag are mainly installed some documents Class of things, this Woven-paper Bag are usually not too big, usually in the 40 * 30 * 10 that can be loaded files or small gift category objects, in daily life can often use. Shopping bags relative to the size of the larger, generally go to the supermarket shopping will be installed more things, the general size of the larger and most important feature is the side of the wide size, which greatly increased the volume of Woven-paper Bag.